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Online Training & Group Coaching - Starts January 1, 2020


You're so ready to start or scale your and bring your business online and finally manifest the fun, freedom, and funds you need to live your Zen life, but right now you're...

Either all over the law of attraction, and you’re visualizing, meditating, stressing (and praying!) that your business is a success, but your bank account looks like you’ve done nothing!

  • Or, you’re trying your best to hustle your way to success, but OMG the burn out is catching up with you! You know that it’s not supposed to feel this hard or complicated, and you’re ready to balance out your masculine go, go, go energy with some intuitive, feminine and flowy energy.
  • Scrolling facebook wondering how on earth the influencers, coaches, and online entrepreneurs that you obsess over created their successful worthy lives…
  • Wondering if you really have enough to share to start a business or if anyone would be interested in what you have to say. The fear of pouring your heart and soul out on Facebook lives & Instagram and only having your friends like the post is no joke!
  • Left scratching your head when it comes to setting up your website or creating a brand that actually looks like you. The tech struggle is real. And if you have to watch one more complicated YouTube tutorial again you’ll throw your computer out of the window!
    Launching the soul-aligned biz that makes you proud, makes you money, and makes your friends wish they were you is not as far away as you think. 


Visualize this for a minute...

  • Never having to request time off to visit your family again because you get to choose when and where you work!
  • Going to hot yoga each morning at the luxury studio you’ve been dying to go to for ages, then heading home for a healthy breakfast, meditation and journaling session, so that you can start your day feeling relaxed and energized (rather than rushing out the door to your 9-5)
  • Working with clients that you absolutely love, and the joy it brings when you realize that you’re helping them to create their dream life. You finally feel like you’re doing work that aligns with your purpose.
  • Handing over the tasks that you don’t love to your assistant so that you can focus on the work that really lights you up in your business.
  • Never having to worry about paying the bills again, and even more than that, being able to pick up the bill at brunch or dinner with your friends without a second thought because you know your business is continuing to bring in $10K+ months.


Wondering if you can really have this type of life and business?

You totally can, and here's how I know...


I get it, I used to be in a life I couldn’t stand, praying for a way out…

I used to dread my alarm going off in the morning because it meant that I had to get dressed and go to work. I had multiple businesses, I couldn’t stand working to a schedule, being told what to do, or having to request time off months in advance if I wanted to visit my family. I just couldn’t stand working not on my terms! I felt like I had zero freedom.

I had an honors degree in business & Integrative Healing and I knew I wanted to do something with it, but I just couldn’t figure out what. Should I go back to a regular job? Should I just keep doing hair? I didn’t know…

All I knew was that I wanted to do something fun, that didn’t feel like work, and that made a difference in people’s lives… and made me a heap on money (not much to ask, right!?).

I was following all these women on social media who were living their best lives, traveling around the world, doing work they loved (even though it seemed like they hardly worked!), and making heaps of money doing it!

I thought – OMG this was what I wanted to do! But then the doubts crept in… was I tech savy enough? needed enough? Smart enough? Whatever else enough?? Will people care about Spirituality and Personal Development in their business?

Did I really have enough to share to create an online business? Could I really help people live their best life and get paid for it?

I finally decided to dip my toe in by starting a self-help blog, and downloading all the freebies I could find on ‘how to start an online business.’ My inbox was full of guides, checklists, and free webinars, which left me confused AF!! And my blog had little to no traffic to show for it.

After months of trying to do it on my own, I finally took a leap of faith and invested in a high-level group program with a mentor that I looked up to.

And OMG what I difference it made.


Within months I had properly launched my business, sold one of my offline Salons, and had an online business and brand I was proud of!

Fast forward 3 years and I have a multi-six figure consulting biz, I travel on my own terms, meet my biz colleagues all over the world, and my clients are creating 6+ figure businesses of their own, quitting their jobs, moving overseas, and living on their terms


Now I'm here to tell you that if you've been dreaming of shifting your lifestyle and starting or scaling your biz, it's time to start doing.

And I'm here to lead you to success.

This program is 4 months of elevation into your best life and business.

You'll graduate from the program with a business and brand you're proud of, clients you love working with, and the lifestyle you are obsessing over.

what’s included in Zen and Profits Business School




Over 4 months of high-level support you will elevate into new realms of success, happiness, freedom, and income. By the end of the program, you will have a successful business and soul-aligned brand that magnetizes your dream clients with ease.



I’ll teach you everything you need to create a successful business you’re proud of, and break it down into easy to implement bite-size pieces. You’ll know exactly what to do (and what not to do!) — this is a strictly overwhelm-free zone!



This is where the magic happens! Every month you will have 2 group calls where we will strategize and implement your business plan and align your energy so that you feel fully supported every step of the way. It is so powerful to have your questions answered in real-time and to get expert support from me, as well as the support of the rest of your biz besties. Your business growth will be accelerated by engaging and learning from all the women in the group, so be ready for high energy, supportive space! Group calls are kept small so that you have a high level of access to Maria.



You’ll always know exactly what to do, with a wealthy of workbooks, templates, how-to guides, and cheat sheets at your fingertips to walk you through everything you need step-by-step to make this your six-figure (plus!) year!! Say goodbye to the guesswork, and welcome in clarity and ease.



Want your program reviewed? Not sure if you’re social media posts are hitting the mark? Want an expert eye on your freebie opt-in? I’ve got you. I’ll be hosting regular office hours where you can send me copy, content, and anything else that you would like my feedback on. This will give you high-level, personalized support between calls that my private clients pay $10K+ to receive.



Meet a group of supportive women just like you. There is only so far that you can go by yourself, before you need the support of your biz besties to help you step into your next level life. You don’t have to do this alone.



Get support around the clock in the private Facebook group. You’ll never have to wait for a group call to get your burning questions answered, to work through a block, or to celebrate a win (and there will be lots of those!).



Stepping into your next level life and business will require an energetic upgrade, and I’ve totally got you covered. Throughout the Mastermind, you’ll get a wealth of new energetic practices, meditations, and journaling practices to keep you high vibe and manifesting like a pro!


Pay in full: $1997 (save $1000)
Payment plan: Deposit of $439 to secure your spot, followed by 4 payments of $439 (save $800)


Early Bird ending 30th November 2019
Free Upgrade to VIP when you pay in full by November 30th

To Register PLEASE Book A Call with me, I look forward to getting to know more about you and your business.  I or someone from my team will get you signed up personally.

 Love & Light


How Zen and Profits Business School helped me scale my business. 

Penny H. 


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Lynn M.


Healer & Holistic Business Owner

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